Link OMS and JMS Systems

Search County, City, and State Inmate Databases – share data between Correctional Facilities and various Law Enforcement Agencies.

Saves Time – Increases Security

CorrectionsLink™ Applications:

County Jails and State Departments of Corrections, enables sharing of all inmate JMS, OMS, & ITS data across all CorrectionsLink™ users. Obtain and confirm information about the offender that is entering their facility from all data entered in the current and previous Jail Management Systems in order to properly classify and house the offender.

State and Local Police Departments identify potential suspect lists based on information collected at crime scenes

District Attorneys, Prosecutors and Judges obtain information about an offender to support a successful indictment and adjudication process

Investigators (Corrections and Law Enforcement) utilize the CorrectionsLink™ as part of their investigations to look at patterns, known associates, and any additional information, especially as it relates to gang activity. Correctional Officers identify individuals visiting more than one offend- er in multiple facilities.

Parole and Probation Agencies obtain additional information about their parolees

CorrectionsLink™ Value:

  • Increased ability to create a complete history view of an offender from a single search
  • Increased ability to protect the community and enhance officer safety.
  • CorrectionsLink™ has been in production in the state of Massachusetts where it connects all 14 counties and the DOC.

CorrectionsLink™ enables authorized personnel to access and create a complete history of an offender from all databases, from a single record in one facility or multiple records across multiple facilities, providing a comprehensive picture of the inmate.

CorrectionsLink™ enables you to conduct a single secure search across all connected systems to view information about the offender. Information includes – offender face sheet, pedigree information, gang information, charges, aliases, incidents & disciplinary reports, phone numbers called, and visitors

CorrectionsLink™ allows authorized agencies, such as prisons, jails, county and state prosecutors, and other outside agencies, to share and view Inmate related information.

  • Intelligence including gang information
  • Contacts during incarceration
  • Visitors, relatives, and associates
  • Phone contacts
  • Intelligence information
  • Behavior during incarceration