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Tetrus Announces Release of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Compliance Toolkit
Tetrus ADT Methodology Provides Flexible Framework for Achieving and Monitoring PREA Compliance

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ (September 24, 2012) – Tetrus Corporation announces release of Tetrus ADT, a comprehensive toolkit and methodology designed to enable confinement facilities to achieve and monitor compliance with Prison Rape Elimination Act standards. The Tetrus Assess|Deliver|Transition toolkit is a powerful addition to the Tetrus Justice and Corrections Solution suite, which leverages the deep subject matter expertise of the Tetrus Corrections team.

“Our PREA ADT methodology offers agencies the ability streamline compliance with PREA standards in a proactive manner”, stated Sharad Rao, President and CEO of Tetrus. “Tetrus resources have been deeply involved in the evolution of PREA since its inception. Our methodology incorporates best practices from agencies that have already achieved substantial PREA compliance.

The PREA final ruling, released by the Department of Justice in May 2012, establishes standards requiring all confinement facilities to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse and structures financial penalties for non-compliance.

Please contact Tetrus at 888-511-1480 or for details about the Tetrus ADT methodology.

Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office to Expand Tetrus Deployment
Contracts Awarded for Enhancement of Tetrus Collaboration and Analytics and Implementation of Tetrus Corrections Link

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ (September 17, 2012) – The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office will expand and enhance its deployment of Tetrus’ suite of real time search, collaboration and analytics solutions. The Prosecutor’s Office recently awarded Tetrus contracts to enhance its cross-jurisdictional collaboration pilot and to deploy Tetrus Corrections link in the Passaic River Corridor area.

Sharad Rao, President and CEO of Tetrus, commented of the awards, “Tetrus values its strong working relationship with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office and the agencies of the Passaic River Corridor. We look forward to bringing heightened information sharing capabilities to the region.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with the Passaic County Community College and Critical Reach, was awarded a National Justice Information Sharing grant to enhance its Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration Platform. Tetrus enhancements will strengthen query, analysis and visualization capabilities, create a data ingestion mechanism and enable extraction and export to external case management systems.

The Tetrus Corrections Link deployment will enable inmate information sharing across six County jails in the Passaic River Corridor region and the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Please contact Tetrus at 888-511-1480 or for details about Tetrus Collaboration and Analytics or Tetrus Corrections Link.