Public Safety and Homeland Security Solutions

Tetrus understands the sheer volume of data available to Public Safety and Homeland Security operators can disguise critical facts, relationships and events. Our real-time, context-based search, analysis, collaboration and dissemination platform enables distributed, peer-to-peer searching across defined Public Safety and Homeland Security information sharing environments. The resulting solutions enable rapid, just-in-time sharing of mission-critical information across domains and jurisdictions while preserving data ownership, security and privacy.

Public Safety and Homeland Security solutions enable:

Investigative Teaming: Leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-jurisdictional investigations by creating virtual task forces that share information in real-time and automatically suggest connections among disparate data points.

Cross-Domain Information Sharing: Combine data from typically independent sources such as CAD, records, corrections and gang systems to reveal powerful new views of relationships, threats and trends.

Real-Time Pattern and Trend Analysis: Create dynamic threat assessments based on data convergence, define of a common operating picture emerging from real-time patterns and trends and escalate of items of interest.

Predictive Intelligence: Support Intelligence-Led Policing and real-time crime analysis as a strategic framework for defining proactive deterrence strategies, allocating resources and guiding operational decisions.

Community Integration: View national information in a local context to bridge the gap between local and national communities of interest and support development of proactive strategies for hometown safety and security.