Expedite the transfer of State-Ready County Inmates to Prisons – Substantial Cost Avoidance & Increased Efficiencies and Security

CountyStateInfoShare™ speeds up the creation and the secure transfer of the penitentiary packet to state prisons, cutting jail time off the sentenced inmates and creating substantial cost avoidance for the County and efficiencies for both the County and State.

Sheriff’s Department:

  • Receives the sentence information electronically from the courts or from the office of the clerk of courts to initiate the document creation
  • Helps assemble a detailed listing of the various times the inmate has spent in the jail in relation to a specific booking since this often impacts the sentence calculation at the prison
  • Transmits the packet electronically, in a secure manner, to the Clerk of Court or the Office of the Court Administration (OCA)

Clerk of Courts / OCA:

      • Receives the booking / incarceration information electronically from the Sheriff’s Office
      • Helps the Clerk or the OCA complete the peniten- tiary packet, by interacting with the CMS, through the addition of other pertinent document such as the sentence, the plea bargain, the arrest report, etc.
      • Transmits the complete packet electronically to the state department of corrections

      CountyStateInfoShare™ Value

          • Reduces the time it takes to build and transmit the packet – creating substantial cost avoidance for the County
          • Avoids duplicate data entry since the modules at the Sheriffs’ and the Clerks’ (or the OCA) offices interact with the local systems to ingest the data electronically
          • The users can preview and select the actual documents that are incorporated into the packet, thereby ensuring data quality
          • The solution supports electronic signatures for a paperless transaction, avoiding printing and scanning
          • The users can monitor the status of any packet even if it is being processed by another agency
          • Supports work assignments to permit teams of users within an agency to work on the packets

          CountyStateInfoShare™ integrates with county jails, the office of the Clerk of the Court, the office of Court Administration (OCA), and with the JMS and OMS systems. Then Transmits the complete packet elec- tronically to the state department of corrections.

          CountyStateInfoShare™ Technical Features

            • Customizable workflow
            • Secure and cloud-based information transfer mechanism
            • Built in reliability; the system will queue messages and automatically retransmit them if the destination system is not reachable
            • NIEM-based electronic exchange, permits easy integration with a variety of source and destination systems
            • Secure interaction with the agencies’ systems since the modules run with the agencies’ secure networks