Realtime Investigative Software

Software that collects, searches, analyzes, and uncovers connections between information in diverse data sources.

Browse, Drill Down, Analyze & Collaborate.

PublicSafetyLink™ Features:

Search and Analyze: The powerful search capabilities built into PublicSafetyLink™ lets users search and analyze information, from sources such as record management systems (RMS), jail management systems (JMS), automated license plate readers (ALPR). These data sources could be either local or remote. The system has the ability to negotiate the differences in the terminologies and vocabularies in these data sources and present a common operating
picture to the user.

Ingest: Ingests information in multiple formats, such as flyers commonly used by the LE community, email notifications about incidents, automated feeds from CAD/RMS systems, etc. This information is analyzed for trends and patterns in a realtime manner. PublicSafetyLink™ draws users’ attention to these trends for deeper analysis, thereby narrowing the users’ focus to significant pieces of information.

Uncover: The text analysis capabilities of the PublicSafetyLink™ helps investigators uncover connections between incidents with similar modus operandi (MO). These connections are suggested even if the users are not specifically looking for them.

Collaborate: PublicSafetyLink™ lets users create case folders to hold articles of interest from ingested sources. These case folders can be shared with the users’ trusted partners and peers. Trusted users would also be able to post comments and observations, thus enhancing teamwork.

PublicSafetyLink™ Value:

  • Lets investigators quickly search through multiple and disparate databases with a single query.
  • Provides operational awareness of the region, and Area Of Responsibility by automatically collecting, analysing information from a variety of sources in realtime.
  • Increased ability to protect the community and enhance officer safety.

PublicSafetyLink™ was first installed in the Passaic River Corridor, which includes 7 counties in the Northern region of New Jersey. This also serves the RealTime Crime Center (RTCC) in Newark, where it assists the State Police with investigations.

Federated Search and Bundles Queries of Law Enforcement Information from a variety of sources are supported. The users can search through multiple databases with search terms automatically extracted from the ingested documents. This provides the users with the ability to start with selected items of interest and broaden the search by reaching into multiple data sources.

Geospatial Views of the information ingested, such as shooting / robbery / burglary locations, ALPR hit locations, etc, are automatically provided to the users. The users would also be able overlay additional mapping layers, such as camera locations to help with investigations.

Heat Map Views including time of day analysis are also provided. The system lets the users visualize the information pertaining to the entire region or to selected jurisdictions. The heat maps and trend lines automatically adjust to any criteria selected.

Command, Control, and Collaboration PublicSafetyLink™ provides command personnel with an overview of their area of responsibility, identifying trends and patterns.