Public Safety and Homeland Security Solutions

Tetrus understands the sheer volume of data available to Public Safety and Homeland Security operators can disguise critical facts, relationships and events. Our real-time, context-based search, analysis, collaboration and dissemination platform enables distributed, peer-to-peer searching across defined Public Safety and Homeland Security information sharing environments. The resulting solutions enable rapid, just-in-time sharing of mission-critical information across domains and jurisdictions while preserving data ownership, security and privacy.

Public Safety and Homeland Security solutions enable:

Investigative Teaming: Leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-jurisdictional investigations by creating virtual task forces that share information in real-time and automatically suggest connections among disparate data points.

Cross-Domain Information Sharing: Combine data from typically independent sources such as CAD, records, corrections and gang systems to reveal powerful new views of relationships, threats and trends.

Real-Time Pattern and Trend Analysis: Create dynamic threat assessments based on data convergence, define of a common operating picture emerging from real-time patterns and trends and escalate of items of interest.

Predictive Intelligence: Support Intelligence-Led Policing and real-time crime analysis as a strategic framework for defining proactive deterrence strategies, allocating resources and guiding operational decisions.

Community Integration: View national information in a local context to bridge the gap between local and national communities of interest and support development of proactive strategies for hometown safety and security.

Justice and Corrections Solutions

Tetrus recognizes the value of information collected on offenders during processing and incarceration. Our Justice and Corrections solutions leverage our search, analysis, collaboration and dissemination platform to enable distributed, peer-to-peer searching across defined Corrections information sharing environments and with local public safety partners. Our solutions enable users to visualize offender behavior patterns and associations, provide data and triggering events for victim notification, prepare for offender re-entry and comply with PREA standards.

Justice and Corrections solutions include:

PREA Compliance: Utilize the Tetrus ADT methodology and PREA Compliance Toolkit to enable your confinement facility to comply PREA with standards for preventing, detecting and responding to sexual abuse.

Inmate Query and Information Sharing: Allow Corrections and local law enforcement personnel to view offender information across multiple jail management systems to support analysis and investigations.

CJIS Queries: Enable automated query in response to trigger events, such as running CJIS system queries for Criminal History checks.

Re-Entry Support: Enable critical offender data to be shared with treatment providers and local law enforcement to facilitate successful re-entry, reduce recidivism and promote a safer community.

Victim Notification: Enable State and County detention facilities to send details about transferred and released offenders to enable timely victim notification.