Products & Services

Tetrus provides real-time solutions to mitigate the challenges of big data intelligence sharing and analysis.

Tetrus leverages its subject matter expertise of domain best practices and national standards to create powerful and dynamic information and intelligence sharing environments. Our products and services blend cloud computing and emerging technologies to facilitate accessing and correlating of data from multiple standalone systems typically unique to specific domains. Tetrus’ decentralized solutions provide real-time, context-based analysis and pattern recognition to reveal timely, relevant information to enhance and streamline investigations, operations and analysis.

We support a broad spectrum of Public Safety, Intelligence, Homeland Security, Justice and Corrections stakeholders with core products and specialized modules to streamline collaboration among non-traditional partners. Our portfolio of products and services enables results-oriented local and national community integration.

PREA Assess | Deliver | Transition Compliance Framework
The PREA ADT methodology is an end-to-end approach that enables our clients to manage the cultural transformation needed to achieve and measure PREA compliance.

Tetrus Corrections Link
Tetrus Corrections Link is a distributed federated query platform enabling assessment and analysis of offender information across standalone offender management systems.

Tetrus Query, Collaboration and Analytics
Tetrus Query, Collaboration and Analytics is a concept-based situational awareness, trend analysis and collaborative case management platform which processes continuously to enable near real-time discovery of emerging patterns and trends.

Services Portfolio
Tetrus offers comprehensive planning, development and project management services to support and optimize our product deployments.